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Fossil The Minimalist Watch
Price $135.00
Fossil Breaker Watch
Price $155.00
Fossil Grant Watch
Price $155.00
Fossil Grant Watch And Wallet Set
Price $155.00
Fossil OSU Watch
Price $99.00
Fossil The Aeroflite Watch
Price $165.00
Fossil Foreman Watch
Price $135.00
Fossil Grant Watch
Price $145.00
Fossil Machine Twist Leather Watch
Price $185.00
Fossil Wakefield Watch
Price $175.00
Fossil Narrator Watch
Price $135.00
Fossil Grant Leather Watch
Price $125.00
Fossil Townsman Automatic Leather Watch
Price $225.00
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It's All About the Movement in Watches

The retro style in all things jewelry has been growing in popularity for quite some time, yet it brings the best of the past to merge with the impetuous of today. The interest in watches delves into the past when we all relied on the timekeeping device to keep us accurate for our day's events. Although today, our phones can provide the latest in innovations, with time being a small focus of the many options that make our life flow with ease and efficiency. Read More...

How to Create a Wish List

Would you love to receive Diamond earrings, a Pandora bracelet, OSU jewelry, or a Fossil handbag? We are introducing our new "Wish List" on our website for you to make a list to share with family and friends! Follow the steps below to begin. Read More...