At Leonard Jewelry we take pride in offering you many in-store services that will provide you with personalized and professional expertise. For over 50 years, we have made it our commitment to provide exceptional quality, everyday values, and personalized service. We believe that fine jewelry is a great expression of ownership, gift giving, and celebrating your special moments in life.

Your jewelry is both important and valuable. We encourage you to bring it in to us for complimentary cleaning and inspection regularly. Please bring your jewelry in for inspection between six months to no longer than a year for a free clean and check of the setting and gemstones. Genuine fine jewelry should be worn and enjoyed over many years, yet precious metals and gemstones need regular maintenance to keep them sparkling and in top condition. Precious metals such as gold and silver are pliable, soft, and durable metals that are to be worn and enjoyed. We strongly recommend removing your fine jewelry prior to sleeping, and getting into the bath, shower, swimming pool, lake, or ocean. Prevent exposure of your jewelry to chemicals, cleaning agents, soap, hand sanitizer, and all physical labor. When taking care of your fine jewelry, please have it regularly inspected for normal wear to make any neeeded repairs, rather than experiencing a loss or breakage. Our goal is to keep your jewelry sparkling, beautiful, and in good condition.


Jewelry Repair

Our talented and experienced jeweler, Britney Timmons, is available for in-store consultations, repair services, and jewelry design. She is committed to accuracy, timely service, craftsmanship, and excellence in all repairs or custom design.

Please refer to our ever-growing repair offerings:

  • Cleaning and inspection of your jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals
  • Prong repair and replacement
  • Ring sizing
  • Chain solder and repair
  • Bracelet repair
  • Earring repair 
  • Necklace and pendant repair
  • Gemstone replacement
  • Ring design or customization
  • Laser repair for delicate jewelry
  • Restringing of pearls and beads
  • Custom jewelry creations
  • Hand created and carved jewelry designs
  • Custom wedding bands or make-to-order ring designs
  • Utilizing your precious metals to create jewelry for you
  • Utilizing your precious metals toward a new jewelry creation
  • Custom design from a sketch or picture


Custom Jewelry Design

We are so excited about the endless opportunities of custom jewelry design and the opportunity to hand craft your one-of-a-kind creations. Jewelry that reflects your taste and lifestyle can be customized to your imagination, creativity, and individual style. We offer a complete and personalized customization that can originate from an initial sketch, picture, or design. From the initial sketch, we can show you a computer aided design, or CAD rendering, in three-dimenstional definition for your revisions and approval. We will then grow the wax model and custom cast a beautiful finished ring, pendant, earring, or bracelet. Please bring us all your jewelry visions and we will design together to discover the jewelry that you have always wanted.


Watch Repair

We offer expert, factory-trained watch repair services from our professional watch repairmen, Mr. Leonard. Our technician and watchmaker has years of education and experience, and can provide consultations, estimates and repairs on most all watch brands. These are just a few of the many watch repair services that we provide:

  • Watch battery replacement or installaion
  • Watch cleaning and maintenance
  • Replacement or repair of watch parts
  • Removal or adjustment of watch links to fit your wrist
  • Watch band replacement
  • Pocket watch repairs



We offer jewelry appraisals by a Certified Master Appraiser that is prepared to handle all of your evaluation needs. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance and replacement purposes or for fair market value, we can provide you with the appropriate jewelry documentation. Click to read more...

We hold an Appraisal Event each month, so please give us a call to set an appointment to evaluate your jewelry.



When fine jewelry is purchased, please request a Personal Insurance application in addition to an insurance appraisal for your new jewelry. Once the application is completed, it can be mailed with a copy of your appraisal and check for the coverage to begin on the date of the postmarked date stamped on the envelope. Our Personal Jewelry Insurance provides loss, theft, and damage protection. A complete description and value of each item will be listed on your policy which will ease the processing in the event of a claim or loss.

Annual inspections are required by a jeweler to inspect your jewelry for damage and normal wear and tear on gemstones, clasps, and worn prongs. Some jewelry values increase over time, so annual inspections are important for maintaining current values and preventing potential losses. In addition, it is a great opportunity to have your jewelry cleaned. With our Personal Jewelry Insurance, if an insured item of jewelry needs repair or replacement you can deal directly with the jeweler that performs your annual inspections. This is not the case with other types of insurance policies.

There are so many advantages to protecting your jewelry through a Personal Jewelry Policy that specializes in jewelry insurance. More than just insuring your jewelry, there is advice about preventing losses and caring for your valuable jewelry, exceptional customer service, and the financial advantage of paying for claims. It is jewelry protection for your peace of mind! Click here to learn more...


Financing Options

Financing is available by filling out an application that is both a fast and easy process. There is a wide range of simple payment plans to finance your jewelry purchase, and also some budget-friendly promotional plans. With no payment penalties or annual fees, it can allow you a great option for owning fine jewelry. Layaway options are also available for up to six months. With a layaway, the jewelry remains in the store until the payment is completed. It allows you the benefit of paying for your jewelry each month without any interest charge. For either financing or layaway opportunties, please contact us for applications or questions.


Mobile Jewelry App

Download our free app from iTunes to have a complete personal jewelry inventory, maintenance schedule, reminders, personalized comments, and a wish list that is synced with our website. Click to read more...


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From our website, you can select jewelry that you would love to suggest as gift ideas for your friends and family. Make your list and share it with those that you love! Click to read more...


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Free Gift Wrap

Enjoy complimentary in-store gift wrapping for all of your purchases.