Anniversary Gemstones

Celebrating Your Anniversary with Gemstone Jewelry

Your wedding begins your journey of living life together as a couple, and the celebration of each year can be commemorated with Gemstone jewelry. The tradition of giving anniversary gifts can be traced back for many years with credit given to Emily Post and the American National Retail Jeweler Association. Each brought their recognition to celebrating special anniversaries. Emily Post suggested specific anniversaries from the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-five, fiftieth, and seventy-fifth to commentate with symbolic gifts. The American National Retail Jeweler Association, in later years, provided a gift suggestion for each anniversary through the 20th, and followed with commemorating every five years forward. 

As the years have progressed the Gemstone Anniversary guide has developed to reflect the beauty of Gemstones and the memories of years together of living and loving. Here's to the joy of marriage and celebrating the special events of anniversaries!


1st - Gold


2nd - Garnet


3rd - Pearl


4th - Blue Zircon


5th - Blue Sapphire


6th - Amethyst


7th - Black Onyx


8th - Tourmaline


9th - Lapis Lazuli


10th- Diamond


11th - Turquoise


12th - Jade


13th - Citrine


14th - Opal


15th - Ruby


16th - Peridot


17th - Watches


18th - Cat's Eye


19th - Aquamarine


20th - Emerald


21st - Iolite


22nd - Ruby


23rd - Precious Topaz


24th - Tanzanite


25th - Silver


30th - Pearl


40th - Ruby


50th - Golden Jubilee


60th - Diamond Jubilee


70th - Sapphire Jubilee


80th - Ruby Jubilee