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Jul 12, 2015
By: akinzie

Why should you download the new Leonard Jewelry app? There are 10 reasons that you need the App to help manage your jewelry inventory. Our Jewelry App was designed after many years of hearing friends struggle and complain about not being able to keep up with bringing their rings to check prongs, not realizing that their insurance policy had expired, and not remembering what jewelry they owned and the history behind how and why it was given. Realizing the need for an "always with you" jewelry inventory began our desire to create an App to provide a service for organization with fingertip accessibility.



1. You should not miss the opportunity to make a list of each item of jewelry that you own. Start with your Diamond Engagement ring, Diamond earrings, Colored stone birthstone pendant, and your favorite gold bracelet. Make a list of each item until you have every item listed. You maybe surprised at the jewelry that you do not wear or  have forgotten that you own.


2. Make a detailed description about each item of jewelry including the value. Make sure you take a picture of each item to include along with the complete details to include for recognition and documentation. You can list your jewelry through categories such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings, or by value. Matching the description to an image is vital for ease in recognition and reference.



3. Schedule your time to bring your jewelry in for regular cleaning and inspection. It is so important to have your jewelry routinely inspected by a professional to check the prongs, setting, condition of the gemstones, mounting, and wearability of the jewelry item. We cannot stress enough the need to check your jewelry on a 6 month to no longer than one year time schedule. Within this time frame normal wear can be detected and repaired.


4. Keep track of your jewelry that is insured. Insurance companies usually require that you take your jewelry to a professional jeweler for regular inspection, yearly renewal on your personal policy, and request for updates on value and condition of your jewelry. Our App will provide a schedule to remind you when it is time for updates and renewal times. It is important to have your valuable jewelry insured for both loss and theft.



5. A detailed jewelry inventory can be shared with family. Allowing family members to know about your jewelry will give an accurate account for others to have in the case of an emergency, loss, or theft. Knowledge of jewelry and value is to be kept confidential and of personal appreciation to family members that need to have access to information.


6. Make notes and comments about your jewelry. Take this opportunity to give the history about your jewelry. Tell about the time the jewelry was purchased, who gifted it to you and for what occasion. Make personal notes about the memories of each item of jewelry and create a legacy for other family members to treasure. Special comments can also be made if your jewelry is to be inherited by family or friends as to the joy and love that surrounded each jewelry memory.



7. The App can be completely personalized for your needs and desires. You can create a detailed jewelry inventory that can be passed on to future generations for years to come. Your personal itemized description can also be a listing and maintenance schedule for accuracy, simplicity and ease. Our App can be customized to your personal preference.


8. Easy to use. The App is designed to be user friendly and a step-by-step process of entering and itemizing your jewelry. The more you include in your App, the more helpful and informative tool it can be for you. Each time you make a jewelry purchase, inherit a Diamond jewelry item, or would like to gift a ring or pendant, you can have complete access to all your information at your finger tips.

9. Our Wish List is interactive between our App and our website. When an occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or other special occasions, you can give your family and friends suggestions of jewelry that you would love to receive. Helpful gift ideas can ease the stress of choosing jewelry and allow the giver the pleasure of selecting items that they know you will love.



10. Download our App for FREE. Click here to view in the App Store, or search for Leonard Jewelry. Our App has the Leonard Jewelry logo in black and white, and is called "My Jewelry" for your personal organization and enjoyment. At this time, the App is currently available for iPhones.


If you need help with our App, you need your jewelry to be appraised or insured, please call or come by Leonard Jewelry for assistance. We hope this will be a valuable and helpful tool for all your jewelry!


We would like to say thank you to our friends at The Juvo Group for their hard work and assistance in developing this app!