Pandora Rose Collection

Blush-hued metal is a much loved, feminine alternative to silver or yellow gold. PANDORA Rose™ is a unique metal blend with a luminous and elegant color that profiles classic beauty and appeal.

The unique metal blend of PANDORA Rose™ consists mainly of copper and silver. In addition, the jewelry pieces are encased in a layer of 14K rose gold plating in order to prevent oxidation from occuring and to provide the pieces with a warm and romantic pink color. PANDORA Rose™ jewelry is finished to PANDORA's impeccable standards and carries the ALE maker's mark, as well as the new "R" stamp, which stands for Rose.

Pandora Rose Collection - Spring 2017

The world through rose-colored glasses, shines with the sheen of signature style. Bright spotlights on timeless glamour, vintage flushes, warm blushes, cool glances. Classic hearts beat with modern expressions, knotted with eternal emotions. Read More...