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Birthstone of the Month

If you celebrate a birthday in June, you have three choices of birthstones. Although the most widely accepted birthstone is Pearl, there are also the options of Moonstone and Alexandrite. 

Pearl is the only gem that comes from living sea creatures and requires no polishing to reveal its natural beauty. They are created when an irritant is placed into the inner shell layers of an oyster, which then reacts by coating with many layers of nacre. The thicker the nacre layers and more translucence, luster, and spherical shape, the more valuable and desirable the pearl. The Japanese waters are best know for producing pearls, and they have been long considered as a benefit to health and longevity. White or cream are the most recognized colors of pearls, yet other colors such as champagne, pink, gray, brown, and black are available.

Moonstone is linked to the Roman historian, Pliny, that felt its appearance was altered by the phases of the moon with a silvery glow and reflection. Moonstone is believed to be a sacred stone in India and is to bring good fortune, and comes in a variety of colors.

Alexandrite is both a rare and valuable gemstone with a rich history. Named after Prince Alexander of Russia who later became the Czar, it is most often seen as synthetic stones. Chameleon-like in appearance, genuine stones can have a color change from green in daylight to a reddish-violet in artificial lighting. If gemstones are genuine they are difficult to find, mostly found in small sizes, and the color change is not distinct. Read more about birthstones...



Pandora Sale

Jump start your summer style with up to 50% off select PANDORA charms, earrings, rings and bracelets from June 15-24. 



Introducing the Pandora Summer Collection

Lazy days and hazy light in a paradise of captivating colors. Dive into an ocean of the deepest blue to explore its tropical treasures. Breathe in the sweet scent of bright blooms, radiant under glorious sunsets. Click to see more...



Do Not Miss the Opportunity to Download the New Leonard Jewelry App!

Why should you download the new Leonard Jewelry app? There are 10 reasons that you need the App to help manage your jewelry inventory. Our Jewelry App was designed after many years of hearing friends struggle and complain about not being able to keep up with bringing their rings to check prongs, not realizing that their insurance policy had expired, and not remembering what jewelry they owned and the history behind how and why it was given. Realizing the need for an "always with you" jewelry inventory began our desire to create an App to provide a service for organization with fingertip accessibility.  Click to read more...



Downtown Stillwater Events

Friday Food Trucks and Tunes: June 16, 2017 from 6:00 - 10:00 pm