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August News

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Birthstone of the Month

For those born in the month of August, Peridot is your birthstone. The unique green color of Peridot distinguishes it from other gemstones, yet through history it was often mistaken for Emerald or Tourmaline. Legend has it that it was the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, and was often called "evening emerald" because of the bright sparkle and beauty reflected among the night lights. The color of Peridot varies from a lime to a yellowish olive green, with the most desirable colors being bright and lively. Peridot comes from the Greek word "faridat" meaning gem, and it is mined mostly in Egypt. Known as "the poor man's emerald," it is believed to bring fame, dignity, protection, and success!  Read more about birthstones...



Introducing Pandora's Glamour Night Collection

Let your inner fashionista show! This season is midway between holiday fun and back-to-work mode. The palette of sterling silver and vibrant colours reflect summer and works for autumn too, and accentuates any remaining holiday tan. The hand-finished pieces are super stylish; ideal for mixing and matching. Symbols, miniature icons and engraved messages represent different connotations of friendship: love, care, fun, shared aspirations, girls’ nights out, etc. Click to see more...



Do Not Miss the Opportunity to Download the New Leonard Jewelry App!

Why should you download the new Leonard Jewelry app? There are 10 reasons that you need the App to help manage your jewelry inventory. Our Jewelry App was designed after many years of hearing friends struggle and complain about not being able to keep up with bringing their rings to check prongs, not realizing that their insurance policy had expired, and not remembering what jewelry they owned and the history behind how and why it was given. Realizing the need for an "always with you" jewelry inventory began our desire to create an App to provide a service for organization with fingertip accessibility.  Click to read more...



Downtown Stillwater Events

Friday Food Trucks and Tunes: August 18, 2017 from 6:00 - 10:00 pm